SCOPUS Q3 Effect of Annealing Treatment on Resistant Starch Content and Prebiotic Properties of High-Carbohydrate Foods: Meta-Analysis Study

14 June 2024 10:01:44 Dibaca : 117 Kategori : INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS

Annealing treatment is a physical modification technique widely used to increase resistant

starch levels in foodstuffs. Annealing technique (ANN) is a modification carried out using a large

concentration of water (more than 40%) and given heat treatment below the starch gelatinization

temperature. This study aims to analyze the types of carbohydrate foods that significantly affect the

content of resistant starch and prebiotic properties by means of annealing treatment techniques. The

PRISMA guidance method was used, which used 1038 researched and selected articles to produce 30

articles. The data is formulated based on the percentage value of the Hedges'd Effect Size (standardized

mean difference/SMD) and the confidence interval (CI) value using the help of OpenMEE software.

The meta-analysis revealed that the annealing technique significantly increased the resistant starch

content and prebiotic properties in high-carbohydrate foods (SMD 15.289; 95% CI: 11.860 to 18.719;

p<0.001). This meta‚Äďanalysis study concluded that the annealing treatment technique significantly

improved based on a 95% confidence level to increase resistant starch content and prebiotic properties

in high carbohydrate foods.