SCOPUS Q3 Effect of lintnerization (acid hydrolysis) on resistant starch levels and prebiotic properties of high carbohydrate foods: A meta-analysis study

14 June 2024 10:00:19 Dibaca : 22

Lintnerization (acid hydrolysis) is a chemical modification technique widely used to increase in the resistant starch

levels in carbohydrate foods. However, this technique has different effects on each type of high-carbohydrate diet. This study

aimed to analyze by type carbohydrate foods in which the levels of resistant starch are increased by lintnerization. This study

used 26 articles following the PRISMA method. The data were analyzed by Effect Size Hedges'd (standardized mean

difference/SMD) and confidence interval (CI) using OpenMEE software. The results showed that the lintnerization of food

significantly increased levels of resistant starch and prebiotic properties (SMD 8.813; 95% CI: 6.566 to 11.060; p<0.001). In

conclusion, this study confirmed that linearization had a significant effect with a 95% confidence level in increasing the levels of

resistant starch and prebiotic properties of high-carbohydrate foods.