Mass wasting mechanism of gorontalo outer ring road (gorr) in padengo, gorontalo

10 January 2023 12:24:27 Dibaca : 19 Kategori : H. Geo Update

One of the things that triggered the unrealized government project, namely Gorontalo Outer Ring Road or GORR, is the number of landslide points scattered along the GORR road section, as is the case in the area around GORR, namely Padengo area. This research aims to determine the mechanism of mass wasting in the Padengo area. The method used is the field survey. Data taken in the form of lithology data, geological structure and geomorphology. Field data is then analyzed to determine the mechanism of mass wasting at the research area. The results showed that the lithology of the study area was composed of reef limestone and alluvial. Reef limestone has a yellowish white color, has a massive structure, contains fossils that are exposed to molluscs and corals and is easily dissolved. The geomorphology of the study area is composed of solusional hilly units and lake plain units. In the research area, there are many extension fractures. Based on the lithological, geological structure and geomorphological, it can be concluded that the potential for mass wasting that can occur in the Padengo area is very large. It was known that the main controller for mass wasting is the fractures and the lithology characters in the research area. The type and mechanism of landslides that generally occur in Padengo Village are the Debris Slide type.

Suma, M. D., Rahmatia, R., Manyoe, I. N., Kobandaha, T. C., Kandouw, R. A., & Tolodo, D. D. (2022, November). Mass wasting mechanism of gorontalo outer ring road (gorr) in padengo, gorontalo. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 1089, No. 1, p. 012023). IOP Publishing.

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