ARSIP BULANAN : January 2023

Authors: Amelia Tri Rahma Sidik, Hasan S. Panigoro, Resmawan Resmawan, Emli Rahmi


In this article, the dynamical properties of a discrete-time SIS-Epidemic model incorporating logistic growth rate and Allee effect are investigated. The forward Euler discretization method is employed to obtain the discrete-time model. All possible fixed points are identified, including their local dynamics and the existence of two important phenomena, namely transcritical and period-doubling bifurcation. Some numerical simulations are explored to show the analytical findings, such as bifurcation diagrams, phase portraits, and time series. The occurrence of a period-3 window is shown numerically, which routes to chaotic solutions.

Jambura Journal of Biomathematics, 3(2): 2022