The Existence of a Limit-Cycle of a Discrete-Time Lotka-Volterra Model with Fear Effect and Linear Harvesting

18 July 2023 17:05:25 Dibaca : 174 Kategori : Publikasi Ilmiah

Authors: Hasan S. Panigoro, Resmawan Resmawan, Emli Rahmi, Muhammad Afrizal Beta, Amelia Tri Rahma Sidik

Modeling the interaction between prey and predator plays an important role in maintaining the balance of the ecological system. In this paper, a discrete-time mathematical model is constructed via a forward Euler scheme, and then studied the dynamics of the model analytically and numerically. The analytical results show that the model has two fixed points, namely the origin and the interior points. The possible dynamical behaviors are shown analytically and demonstrated numerically using some phase portraits. We show numerically that the model has limit-cycles on its interior. This guarantees that there exists a condition where both prey and predator maintain their existence periodically.

E3S Web of Conferences 400, 03003 (2023)