Geothermal is a type of renewable energy whose utilization can be applied in the tourism sector. This community service aims to increase geothermal knowledge and knowledge about the hazards that can be caused so that students have a basic understanding of geothermal and can minimize the risks or hazards generated by geothermal if students visit geothermal tourism objects. The implementation method is in the form of geothermal learning through the provision of material with interesting handouts and geothermal songs. The results of the community service show that students have basic knowledge of geothermal and have the ability to protect themselves if they are around hot springs.

Keywords: Ability, Knowledge, Geothermal, Song.

Manyoe, I. N., Napu, D. P. S., & Napu, S. S. S. (2021). Peningkatan Pengetahuan Geotermal pada Siswa di Daerah Lingkar Wisata Geotermal Lombongo. Dikmas: Jurnal Pendidikan Masyarakat dan Pengabdian, 1(4), 173-180.

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Gorontalo province is one of the regions in Indonesia that is rich in geological, biological, and cultural diversity, especially Oluhuta Village, Kabila Bone Subdistrict, Bone Bolango Regency. Oluhuta village has 7 main potentials including Oluhuta Human Skeleton Site, Raised Ocean Site, Columnar joint, Petrosia lignosa (Salvador Dali),thousands of coral fish, various coral reefs, and turtles, making it suitable to be developed into a tourism area using the concept of edu-geotourism. The purpose of this article is to outline the stages in the creation of modern infrastructure, namely literacy glamping-based information space in Oluhuta Village as a hallmark of the concept of edu-geotourism developed to optimize tourism potential in Oluhuta Village. The construction of this information space was carried out by the PHP2D SME Literacy team together with the Reformer Youth Movement or Oluhuta Village cadet reef. The result obtained is the creation of an information space that combines the concept of nature and the luxury of presenting information based on the principles of digital literacy and information known as glamping literacy, as a modern infrastructure edu-geotourism, so as to educate tourists and the public to always maintain and preserve the potentials in Oluhuta Village.

Kayambo, M. R., Manyoe, I. N., Mohama, R. D. J., Kadekoh, N. I., Uno, A. H., Padodo, N. W. S., & Kanna, F. P. R. (2021). Pembuatan Ruang Informasi Berbasis Glamping (Glamorous Camping) Literasi Sebagai Infrastruktur Edu-Geowisata di Desa Oluhuta. Indonesian Collaboration Journal of Community Services, 1(4), 287-297.

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Kwandang is a district located in the northern part of Gorontalo. The purpose of this research is to analyze the depth and magnitude earthquake zone that occurred in the district of Kwandang, Gorontalo Utara regency based on seismicity map. The astronomical research location is located at 0° 49' 39" S, 122° 55' 8" E. The method used in this research is seismicity map analysis. The earthquake that dominates in Kwandang, based on the value of its depth, namely shallow earthquake (0-70 km) and medium earthquake (70-300 km). This is caused by subduction activity in the direction of the subduction of the north arm of Sulawesi towards south of Tomini Bay. Whereas based on the strength of the earthquake in Kwandang sub-district is dominated by small earthquakes (-) with a light, mild earthquake. Based on the depth zonation, earthquakes mostly occurred in the west. Based on the magnitude, the earthquakes mostly occurred in the southwest.

Zakaria, S. A. P., Manyoe, I. N., Abduh, A. G., & Budjang, F. (2021, November). Seismicity map to analyze the depth and magnitude earthquake zone in Kwandang Area of North Gorontalo Regency. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 884, No. 1, p. 012060). IOP Publishing.

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Desa Botubarani memiliki keanekaragaman geologi yang dapat dikembangkan menjadi destinasi wisata. Melalui survei yang dilakukan tim PHP2D, Desa Botubarani memiliki potensi wisata geologi yaitu situs Batu Berani. Tujuan penulisan artikel ini adalah untuk mengidentifikasi potensi yang dapat dilakukan sebagai upaya perencanaan dan pengembangan wisata yang akan memberikan dampak terhadap peningkatan pendapatan untuk masyrakat di Desa Botubarani. Hasil yang diperoleh menunjukkan bahwa Desa Botubarani memiliki potensi geologi situs Batu Berani yang dapat dikembangkan dengan konsep pariwisata berkelanjutan. Program yang diterapkan oleh tim PHP2D membawa perubahan kondisi situs yang ada di Desa Botubarani baik dari segi infrastruktur berupa QR Qodes, papan informasi situs batuberani dan hiu paus serta peningkatan kreatifitas masyarakat dengan adanya sosialisasi pembuatan kerajinan tangan dari bahan-bahan di alam.

Keywords: Geopark, Pemberdayaan Masyarakat, Geowisata, Online Marketing Campaign.

Suma, M. D., Manyoe, I. N., Duwingik, R. S., Boften, F., Srikandi, W. E., & Marfian, F. (2021). Pengembangan Situs Batu Berani dengan Menggunakan Konsep Pariwisata Berkelanjutan dan Online Marketing Campaign di Desa Botubarani. Aksara: Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Nonformal, 7(3), 1329-1338.

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Studi Mekanisme Sedimentasi Formasi Dolokapa, Gorontalo

10 January 2023 10:43:38 Dibaca : 17

The Dolokapa Formation is a sedimentary rock formation formed in a deep-sea depositional environment with a fairly complex level of deformation and tectonic arrangement. Analysis of the sedimentation mechanism is carried out to determine how much tectonic influence on the mechanisms that occur in a depositional environment and the variations in the sedimentation mechanism formed. Research on the sedimentation mechanism needs to be carried out to determine the history of the formation of Gorontalo sedimentary rocks, especially in the Dolokapa Formation which was formed during the Miocene. The purpose of this study is to know the mechanisms of deep-marine sedimentation based on the identification of lithological characteristics, layer stacking patterns, and sedimentary structures. The method used was measuring sections using a range of ropes divided into four measurement paths. After that, a correlation was performed based on the genesis of deep marine formation. Based on the results of processing and analysis of the data, obtained units of lithology that insertion silty-clay, and the sandstone graining insertion of silt. In vertical succession, the layering pattern formed generally thickens upwards which describes the energy of the depositional currents. The sedimentary structure consists of rip up-clast, parallel lamination, graded bedding, convolute, slump, and trace fossils of nereites trace fossils of nereites that characterize the sedimentation of traction currents and turbidite currents in the deep-sea environment. The sedimentation mechanism formed is the traction current mechanism which is a further development of turbidite current and high-low concentration turbidity current mechanism that occurs slowly on a suspension-controlled grain. The stratigraphic relationship of the rock units in the research area is aligned based on the genesis formation that is located in the setting of the deep marine.

Keywords: Claystone, Convolute, Nereites, Sandstone, Traction, Turbidite.

Salama, T. H., Maryati, S., & Manyoe, I. N. (2021). Studi Mekanisme Sedimentasi Formasi Dolokapa, Gorontalo. Jambura Geoscience Review, 3(2), 97-111.

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